Canada welcomes more than 35 million temporary residents each year.  Individuals wishing to enter Canada for a temporary purpose, such as tourism or visiting family and friends, must apply for and be granted a temporary resident visa (TRV) unless they are citizens of a visa-exempt country.  The TRV is a document issued by a Canadian immigration visa office that demonstrates that the holder has satisfied the requirements for admission to Canada as a visitor.

It is important to note that possession of a valid TRV does not guarantee that a Canada border service agent at the Canadian port of entry will admit the visitor into Canada, as all visitors must demonstrate that the purpose of their visit to Canada is temporary in nature, that they have enough funds for their stay in Canada, and that they will leave Canada at the end of their visitor status.

There are two types of TRVs:

Single-entry and multiple-entry TRV. A single-entry visa> allows the holder to visit Canada one time, unless they are traveling to the United States or St. Pierre and Miquelon. Once the visa holder leaves Canada, the individual needs another visa to re-enter Canada. A single-entry TRV is usually valid for 6 months, unless the officer at the port of entry has indicated in the passport otherwise.  A multiple-entry TRV allows the visa holder to enter Canada as many times as the applicant wishes within the TRV’s period of validity.

If you wish to apply for an extension of your stay in Canada, you need to apply for an extension of your status before the expiration of your current visitor status.  If you have already applied for an extension and are waiting for your renewal, you are in “implied status” until a final decision is made.

While the process for a TRV may seem simple, issuance of a TRV is highly discretionary upon an immigration officer, and an application prepared by a professional can increase the chances of having your application approved. Although no one can make any guarantees, we are certain we can help you increase your chances of success by preparing an impeccable application and anticipating which additional documents might be required to make your application successful, based on our experience and on the information you provide.

In order to increase your chances of having your application approved, please contact us for assistance.