Sponsoring Your Spouse

We specialize in complex and non-routine spousal sponsorship applications, which might contain prior misrepresentation or eligibility concerns or other issues such as instances of offence that may possibly affect a positive decision of the application.

Preparation and submission of a compelling application package for Canadian spousal sponsorship is not just filling in the forms. Once your application receives a negative decision, an immigration history is created. To avoid any mistakes or delays, seek professional assistance from a highly experienced regulated Canadian immigration consultant.

We know the system, and we will help you navigate it.

Why Hire Us for Canadian Spousal Sponsorship?

  • A flat fee is agreed upon prior to commencement of work so you know exactly what you will be paying.
  • We offer a flexible payment plan.
  • You will receive customized advice prior to arrival at the port of entry in Canada.
  • We directly and honestly advise you of what can and cannot be done.
  • We prepare the best strategic plan which is based on the merits of your particular situation.
  • Our representatives will communicate directly with you without a convoluted automated answering service.
  • We have many years of experience and expertise in assisting Canadians to bring their spouses from many countries.
  • When completed, our Canadian spousal sponsorship application package usually consists of between 200-300 pages and is arranged in a manner that is easy for an immigration officer to review, thus ensuring the most efficient processing time.

What We Do for You

  • During the consultation, we evaluate the eligibility of the sponsor and the spouse.
  • We draft your applications, take full responsibility for the application process and deal with immigration officers regarding any possible issues.
  • Our representatives take active steps to ensure the fastest processing of your application by maintaining constant communication with the visa officer to ensure fair attention and to prevent delays.
  • We provide you with the list of documents specific to your situation, because immigration provides only a basic document checklist.
  • Our representatives deal with issues of medical and criminal inadmissibility.
  • We take care of all the issues related to your application and as a result, make the process worry-free.
  • We include a detailed and compelling submission letter to the visa office addressing any issues, concerns, irregularities or inconsistencies that arise based on the facts and supporting documents.
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Regardless of your circumstances and the complexity of the issues involved in your case, we are here to assist you and find the best strategy for an approval of your application for Canadian Spousal Sponsorship.

Do you know that in some cases the sponsor does not need to make a minimum annual income and still is eligible for Canadian Spousal Sponsorship?