Dalia Milmantas has extensive experience in immigration and is available to co-counsel and train newly regulated immigration consultants wishing to gain experience and represent their clients with confidence in this exciting and rewarding new profession.

Dalia is co-counselling on the following applications:

Express Entry Management System

All aspects will be covered related to your client’s application under the Express Entry management system. You will receive guidance in assessing a client and setting up their online profile, reviewing supporting documents, drafting reference letters that meet the requirements under the class, as well as putting together the submission letter.  I will share the best tips and practices to avoid common errors and to efficiently submit a complete application.

In-Home Caregiver Programs

During the co-counseling process, first and foremost, we will establish the eligibility of the Canadian employer to retain the services of a caregiver, as well as the ability of the foreign national to perform the duties and responsibilities under the NOC 4411 and 4412.  I will teach you how to draft reference letters that meet the immigration requirements, how to select the most appropriate supporting documents and how to draft a compelling submission letter to obtain a positive decision.

Family Sponsorship Applications

Despite a popular belief that family sponsorship applications are simple and do not require professional assistance, this category has too much at risk when things go wrong. Many applications completed by applicants themselves are returned, and thus applicants lose time, as these applications need to be resubmitted.

During the co-counselling process, I will help you establish if the sponsor is eligible to sponsor a foreign national and the challenges you may face due to an applicant’s previous negative immigration history, as well as assist in gathering the required documents and preparing the most compelling case in the most efficient manner, as these applications are heavily based on documentary evidence.

After co-counselling on one application, I trust you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to do future applications independently.   Let’s talk.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program assists Canadian employers in filling temporary and permanent labour shortages. The Labour Market Impact Assessment application can be complicated to understand if you are doing it for the first time, and mistakes can be costly for employers.

During the co-counselling process, we will assess the employer and the foreign worker, establish the best NOC and the mandatory requirements, and we will cover the basics of preparing and submitting an application to Service Canada.  We will also go over the best practices for recruitment, submissions, and how to assist the employer during the interview process with the SC officer.

We will go through every aspect of a TRV, wherein the issues of eligibility of the temporary resident class at hand will be analyzed and addressed.

At first sight, TRVs, study permits, and work permits may appear simple, but they are time-consuming and highly discretionary and thus can be complicated to build a compelling case for at the beginning of your career as a regulated Canadian immigration consultant. I will guide you through what documents should be included, how to draft a compelling submission letter and how to address every aspect of the case in order to strengthen the case under the given class.

A careful review of your client’s situation will help me help you prepare a comprehensive submission. I will share my tips and best practices to present the best case for your client’s study permit, work permit or temporary resident visa, giving them the best chances of being approved.

Upon completion of one application working with me, I trust you will have a solid understanding, and most likely no further assistance will be required.  It is of utmost importance to have that first application be handled with confidence.

Let’s talk. I can help you determine what might be the best course of action for your client to take if they want to study in, work in or visit Canada or resubmit a refused application.