Express Entry is NOT a new immigration program; it is an online management system for selecting the highest-ranking skilled immigrant applicants to the existing immigration programs (Federal Skilled Workers, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades and some Provincial Nominee Programs) from a pool of candidates to become permanent residents of Canada. The system is run by the federal government — Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada — with the participation of its provincial counterparts, and is designed to speed up application processing for qualified candidates. To qualify under Canada Express Entry, one must first meet all the requirements under the FSW, FST, CEC and some Provincial Nominee Programs.

Canada Express Entry

the fastest and most economic route to obtaining permanent residence

The system is called “Express Entry” because the federal government has undertaken to process these applications faster than usual, generally in a six-month period.  The caveat is that the application has to be complete and impeccably prepared on top of meeting all the statutory requirements.  We have had some applications processed in less than two months — ones where all possible issues were addressed in advance and all questions were already answered in the submission.

Have you created your profile correctly, or have you inadvertently made a mistake?  Even if you had no intention to present false information, you might be found to have misrepresented yourself based on a discrepancy in the online profile, filed forms and/or documents.

An applicant who is found to have submitted dishonest information or a fabricated document can be banned from re-submitting their profile to the pool for five years, as well as from submitting any other immigration application. As such, it is of utmost importance to ensure all submitted data is accurate and correct.

Have you run into trouble trying to correctly establish your profession under the National Occupational Classification (NOC)?  We can help.

If you are uncertain as to how to assess your own skills, abilities and credentials, you may consider seeking advice from a professional immigration consultant before creating your profile in the Express Entry pool.  Many industries and occupations are changing so fast that these changes cannot be adequately reflected in the official government publications and instructions.

EE has proven to be the fastest and most economic route to obtaining permanent residence in Canada, outside the province of Quebec, and thus has become very popular — but it’s only effective if you meet all the requirements.

Please contact us to determine your eligibility and to learn how to improve your score, profile and chances to smoothly sail through the EE process.

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What We Do for You

  • With 35 combined years of experience in immigration, our professional consultants will assist you:
  • to accurately establish your NOC code;
  • to provide job alerts related to your occupation and promote your skills to Canadian employers, to increase your chances of landing a skilled job and being invited to apply for permanent residency;
  • to correctly create your profile in the Canada Express Entry pool based on your personal information and eliminate discrepancies in the process, lessening the risk of misrepresentation and the associated penalties;
  • to critically assess your supporting documentation versus your profile to catch and take steps to correct any deficiencies in advance;
  • to draft the reference letters that meet the requirements of immigration and will identify other documentary evidence to support your application; and
  • to submit your application within the prescribed time frame and communicate with the government on your behalf.

Is it worth the risk to apply on your own when you could run into a number of unknown and unclear variables?

If you do not qualify under the Express Entry system, you may still qualify under another program, and we may be able to find a different way for you to legally immigrate to Canada. A word of caution: immigration programs are not set in stone; they change frequently and are being updated constantly. New programs are always being introduced and old ones eliminated, often with no advance warning.

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