The Federal Skilled Worker program is a program aimed at bringing skilled individuals to Canada. Eligibility is based on applicants’ ability to become economically established in Canada and part of the Canadian economy. This category is managed through the Express Entry system.

Minimum Program Requirements and Six Selection Factors

An applicant will be assessed under the six selection factors and is required to meet the requirements of all six selection factors:

  1. Work experience — applicants must have a history of at least one year (1,560 hours = 30 hours per week) of continuous full-time, paid work or an equal amount of part-time, paid work within the last 10 years, in the same position and at skill type 0, or skill levels A or B of the 2011 National Occupational Classification (NOC).
  2. Language skills —applicants must meet language requirements for English and/or French. To prove that they meet the requirements (minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 in all testing areas), applicants must take an approved language test. Please refer to the page on the language skills
  3. Education — applicants must have secondary or post-secondary education. The level of education must be proven via an Educational Credential Assessment to be either from a Canadian educational institution or equivalent to a secondary or post-secondary certificate, diploma, or degree from Canada
  4. Age — applicants between 18-35 years of age are awarded 12 points, the highest possible points for this category; after age 46, no points are awarded for this category.
  5. Valid job offer —this is not mandatory, but if an applicant lacks points, having an offer can help increase their score. If you are hoping to improve your score with an offer from a Canadian employer, make sure your job offer is a valid one. We invite you to read our blog, located at
  6. Adaptability — points are awarded based on how well an applicant is likely to be able to adapt to life in Canada; relevant factors include an applicant’s spouse’s language ability, education and whether they have certain relatives in Canada.

The Benefits of the Program

The Federal Skilled Worker program allows for relatively quick processing, as Express Entry is meant to allow applicants to come to Canada faster. This only works, however, if you have enough points to be eligible or know what to work on to gain those points.

As with every immigration application, knowledgeable and personalized guidance is important during the entire preparation process. As immigration professionals, we know how to apply the generalized immigration standards to your unique case. We are here to guide you through which programs will best meet your needs, have requirements that match your personal history, and offer the shortest and the most cost-effective route to enter Canada for reaching your immigration goal.

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