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Applying for a visa? Consider seeking a professional who specializes in Toronto Visa Services.

Sometimes, despite a refusal, applicants will continue submitting applications, unaware of what they may be omitting that is causing their problems. But a little help can go a long way. We know the challenges of putting together a truly complete application and the problems that applicants may run into given their unfamiliarity with the immigration system. We build our cases based on merit and can help you put your best foot forward to maximise your cases of success.

Visas Seem Simple…

The government presents them as such, and sometimes they are. After all, you’re only trying to enter Canada temporarily, and you have a specific reason — whether you are visiting family, taking a course, or working — for wanting to come here. You may even already be in Toronto and just need to renew. But often applicants become confused by the paperwork and make honest mistakes that could cost them important opportunities.

Applicants often mistakenly believe that if they follow the instructions and provide the documents that are listed on the checklist, their application will be approved.  Unfortunately, in most cases, that is not the reality.  We would like to emphasize that every application needs to be built on its own merits and provide compelling reasons for why it should be accepted, be it for a visitor, work, study or any permanent resident visa, whether it is for a spouse or parent, et cetera.   If you’re missing important documents, haven’t included all relevant information, or have accidentally included conflicting information that could lead to an accusation of misrepresentation, you could be in trouble.

If you’ve had your visa application refused…

Whether it be for a visitor visa, a study permit/visa, or a work permit/visa, it may be time to seek the advice of an immigration professional. Since applicants often don’t know what went wrong the first time, they often repeat the same mistakes. With the help of an immigration professional, these errors can be found and corrected, and the whole application can be improved to increase the chances of success. There are no guarantees with immigration, but professional assistance can increase the odds in your favour.

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Regardless of your circumstances and the complexity of the issues involved in your case, our Toronto visa services specialists are here to assist you and find the best strategy for an approval of your application.