Are you self-employed in cultural activities or athletics?  If you meet the requirements of this category, you might be able to immigrate to Canada.  Applicants with unique talents either in cultural activities or athletics may qualify to immigrate to Canada through the Self-Employed Program.

The Requirements

To qualify under this category, an applicant must have at least two one-year periods of experience as a self-employed individual in one of the following areas within the five years prior to the date of their application:

  • self-employment or participation at a world-class level in cultural activities, or
  • participation at a world-class level in athletics — an athlete or a professional in a related profession might qualify under this category.

Self-employed persons must have the intention and ability to be self-employed in Canada and to make significant contributions to cultural activities or athletics. Experience in cultural activities or athletics needs to be at a high level, national or international in scope.

The Benefits of the Self-Employed Category

  • The language test is not mandatory.
  • A job offer is not required.
  • Purchasing or establishing a business prior to arrival in Canada is not required.
  • No conditions are imposed on your status.

Examples of Occupations in Cultural Activities:

  • Actors & comedians
  • Announcers & broadcasters
  • Archivists
  • Artisans & craftpersons
  • Authors & writers
  • Audio & video recording technicians
  • Broadcast technicians
  • Conductors, composers & arrangers
  • Conservators & curators
  • Dancers
  • Editors
  • Fashion, theatre, exhibit & creative designers
  • Film video camera operators
  • Graphic arts technicians
  • Graphic designers & illustrators
  • Interior designers & decorators
  • Journalists
  • Library & public archive technicians
  • Motion pictures & broadcasting & support occupations
  • Motion pictures & broadcasting & technical occupations
  • Musicians & singers
  • Museum & art galleries & technical occupations
  • Painters, sculptors & other visual artists
  • Patternmakers & textile, leather & fur products
  • Performing artists
  • Photographers, graphic arts technicians and technical and co-ordinating occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting and the performing arts Producers, directors & choreographers
  • Translators & interpreters

Some Examples of Occupations in Sport:

  • Athletes, coaches, referees and related occupations
  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Sports officials and referees
  • Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport and fitness

Eligible individuals can apply for permanent resident status, but showing eligibility can be complicated. Ample evidence of your self-employment, intentions and ability to be self-employed in Canada, and significant contribution to cultural activities or athletics must be provided, to the satisfaction of the officer reviewing your case. We’re here to guide you through what supporting documents are necessary in order to prepare a compelling application.

Please fill out the questionnaire to determine if you qualify to immigrate to Canada under this or any other immigration program.

We are here for you and ready to prepare your application in the best way possible.