I want a job! How can I get a job in Canada?

We were prompted to write this blog by the many emails we receive from applicants looking for jobs or asking how to obtain a work permit.

The first thing all applicants need to understand is that jobs in Canada are primarily for permanent residents and citizens of Canada.  Canadians first!  Foreign nationals are invited to apply ONLY when there are no Canadians to fill the opening.  Thus, ONLY a Canadian employer may initiate the process to employ a foreign national to fill that labour shortage; a foreign national can’t apply for a job without a Canadian employer.

So how do foreign nationals get work permits? The process is complicated and lengthy, but here’s a general summary:

  1. First, the employer needs to meet the requirements in order to be eligible to employ a foreign national and submit a Labour Market Impact Application (LMIA).
  2. The Canadian employer must then advertise for four consecutive weeks in accordance with the prescribed requirements and meet other requirements.
  3. Then the employer needs to submit an application to Service Canada, provide financials and other applicable documents, and, to undergo an intensive interview.
  4. If the application to hire a foreign worker is successful, an application for a work permit for the foreign national will need to be submitted to Immigration and prove that the applicant has the required qualifications to perform the job.

In many instances, Canadian employers are not familiar with the process themselves, if they have not dealt with foreign workers in the past. They may issue a letter of offer of employment, but such letters have little or no value, unless the employer is willing to go through the LMIA process.

If someone offers you a job in Canada without the necessary steps, be extra careful. As we’ve written about before, there are many fraudulent companies posing as legitimate businesses. They will go so far as to steal the logos of world-wide corporations and create similar email addresses and social media pages to seem legitimate, but ultimately all they want is your money. These companies will often go by many different names and have various online accounts in order to scam as many people as possible. Artful scammers even use address of local immigration offices and Canadian government logos on their websites or marketing material sent to prospects; their websites trying to look affiliated to the Government.  Red flags should be that they guarantee visas, guarantee quick file preparation time, and many more tricks used by these fraudsters. They may also state that an attorney has been assigned to your case, they appeal to your emotions and create urgency. Please be aware of multiple and creative tactics being used.  As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Don’t be fooled — there’s no real job being offered. Make sure you go through the proper process when applying to work in Canada.

There are some exceptions to the usual work permit process. Foreign workers hired through the International Mobility Program are not required to obtain an LMIA but are required to obtain a work permit. We invite you to read more about this program on our website at https://milmantasimmigration.com/services/temporary-residence/work-permits-and-extensions.

Furthermore, a job offer is not required for immigration to Canada. As per the latest report issued by IRCC, 90% of the applicants in the first half of 2017 who were issued an Invitation to Apply had no job offer.  However, if you lack points, a job offer approved by Service Canada might gain you either 50 or 200 points.

Studying in Canada can also increase your chances of success in applying for a permanent resident status. You can read more about study permits at https://milmantasimmigration.com/services/temporary-residence/study-permits-and-extensions/.

To learn more about your immigration options and the best route for you, please complete our questionnaire, located at https://milmantasimmigration.com/questionnaire and contact us to book a consultation.