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Your Resume for Canadian Immigration Purposes

I am writing this blog as I consistently encounter this issue in my practice, and it became clear that prospective temporary permanent applicants need some assistance.

Today, I will discuss how your resume should be prepared for Canadian immigration purposes, as the Canadian resume format is different.  It is imperative that your resume is prepared, having in mind that it will be read by an immigration officer.  Your resume may be included in submitting your application for a:

  1. Study permit
  2. Work permit, and/or
  3. Permanent resident application, an example, an OINP application

For immigration purposes, a chronological format is the best. After you immigrate to Canada, you will need to amend it again for the Canadian labour market, which has different requirements, as you will need to meet employers’ and recruiters’ needs.

The recruitment industry has changed enormously with the digital age. What worked in the past can be professionally fatal today, as recruiters don’t read resumes anymore—they scan.

The result?               You have only 20 seconds to impress the recruiter.

Yes, you might be the best candidate with great qualifications, but if your CV does not communicate that at a glance, you’re done.  It is your job to SHOW IMMEDIATELY that you are the ideal candidate.  That FIRST IMPRESSION is the most important part of a resume; therefore, you will need to research how to effectively prepare your resume at that time.

For now, I would like to assist you in preparing your resume for your immigration-related applications.  Your resume will be read by an immigration officer in charge of your file. Therefore, it needs to meet the immigration requirements.

Every country has different requirements, and a resume prepared for countries in the European Union, or, for an Indian market, most likely will not meet the requirements for Canadian immigration, as immigration officers will be looking for specific information related to your immigration file.

If you’re applying for a specific immigration program, you may also want to check if your resume fits the criteria of the program, in the first place. There are specific rules about which jobs are considered skilled trades or skilled workers. Also, if the job fits the criteria, keep those criteria in mind when writing the descriptions of your past work experience—just make sure that the duties and skills you mention in your description are accurate to the positions you have held. Also, you should review and cross-reference your duties and responsibilities with the corresponding NOC code.

Please also bear in mind that your resume, included in your immigration application, should coincide with your social media accounts, such as Instagram and LinkedIn, as immigration offices DO cross-reference your resume with your social media accounts.

For your ease of reference, attached please find a template of a chronological resume.  I trust that these observations and the template will be of assistance to you.

If you intend to come to Canada as a worker, a student or a permanent immigrant and need assistance in submitting your application, please contact us.

Click Here to Download the Resume Template