URGENT: Be the first to know – reopening of OINP

The Province of Ontario announces an increased provincial nominee quota for its 2017 Immigrant Nominee Program for a total of 6,000 applications.

These include skilled workers, foreign students, successful entrepreneurs and key personnel of foreign corporations aiming to expand into the province.

The proprietary online platform developed by the OINP IT department (which we reported about with respect to the OINP French-speaking Stream in January) is ready to open intake for the International Masters/PhD Graduate streams and the Ontario Express Entry Human Capital Priority stream next week. These are the most popular and highest volume streams, which last year were filled by May 9 and have been suspended till now. Attending the “dry run” demonstration of the new online paperless system next week will allow us to better serve our clients willing to settle in Ontario.

The announcement was made jointly by Laura Albanese, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration of Ontario, and Deb Matthews, Deputy Premier and Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development, recognizing both the success and importance of OINP for the economy of the province.