Semi-Secret Database Keeping Travellers out of Canada

U.S Hands Canada a Secondary No Fly List – an Anti-Terrorism Database called Tuscan (Tipoff US/Canada)

A little known US database may be blocking travellers and potential immigrants from Canada.

According to The Guardian, Tuscan (“Tipoff US/Canada”) is an anti-terrorism database that essentially functions as a secondary no-fly list for Canadians, despite being created by the United States. The list is reportedly “provided to all Canadian border and immigration officials ‘for the purpose of guiding decisions on admissibility to Canada’.” Furthermore, the list allows immigration officers “to detain, interrogate, arrest and deny entry to anyone found on it.” The list applies to all entrances to Canada, including land and sea, unlike Canada’s official no-fly list, the Passenger Protect Program, which applies only to air travel. Despite this and the fact that all travellers’ names are checked against the list, there is no way for travellers to check who is on it. secondary no fly list for Canada called Tuscan

The lack of clarity surrounding this largely mysterious list has raised a lot of questions and concerns. Unlike Canada’s no-fly list, there is no evident way for those affected to petition to be removed from the list, and the list is maintained by the US, so there would be no need for the US to comply with the removal of a name regardless. Concerns have also been raised about racial and ethnic profiling, as well as the risk of false positives due to high error rates and identity mix-ups.


Immigration Concerns for Immigrants to Canada

In addition to denying travelers, Tuscan can also be used to deny visa and immigration applicants. And they may never know if this is the cause, let alone why their name was added to the list. Tuscan is another troubling example of the ways potential immigrants and travellers to Canada can be turned away without a fair opportunity to enter the country.


Need Help with Immigration to Canada?

While Tuscan remains inaccessible to all but select government officials and officers, many immigration issues can be discovered and rectified before you apply. If you’re not sure how to proceed with your immigration application or are worried about your admissibility, contact us.