Fake Work Permits Can Lead to Real Consequences

Canada Takes Immigration Fraud Pretty Seriously!

$6,000CAD and you can come work in Canada! Sounds easy. But is immigration fraud worth the risk?

A colleague recently shared with us about a case in which a foreign national in India was offered a work permit and a job offer in return for $6,000CAD. Not only did this skip the necessary application process through Immigration, but a legitimate job offer would not be supplied without a separate application process and, in many cases, an assessment of whether hiring a foreign worker would be justified (this assessment takes the form of an LMIA—a labour market impact assessment).

While at first a simple payment for a work permit, without the hassle of having to apply through the government, may seem like a dream come true, it’s the opposite. Not taking the proper route for any form of immigration, from full citizenship to a temporary work permit, could result in a legal nightmare—you will likely end up not being able to enter Canada at all! This means missing out on potential visits to family, holidays, legitimate job opportunities, and the possibility of ever being a citizen. Sometimes people think they won’t get caught, but the reality is that fraudsters care more about YOU believing their fake documents are real than whether Immigration will believe you. Unfortunately, once you’ve paid them, they don’t care what happens to you or your family. An authorized immigration representative will care about doing things right; someone committing fraud only cares about your money.

The foreign national will be telling his friends to report the fraudsters to the local police, and my colleague is reporting this incident to the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre. As per the permission of my colleague, please refer to this fake work permit with the hope that it will help to protect you.

View the Bogus Work Permit Here

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