Immigration Canada

How NOT to Have your Application Refused

At first, applying for something like a study permit seems simple. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website provides a guide and document checklist for study permits or any other application; one would assume these requirements would be all an applicant would have to satisfy. But as Now Toronto’s Reasonable Doubt column explains, many issues […]

U.S. and Canada’s data sharing might result on crackdown on immigration violators

According to The Globe and Mail, data sharing regarding travellers’ entries and exits between Canada and the United States is making immigration infractions easier for Canada to catch. This information is being shared based on a 2011 continental security pact and includes travel done on land. The government has over a thousand potential infractions to […]

Fake Work Permits Can Lead to Real Consequences

Canada Takes Immigration Fraud Pretty Seriously! $6,000CAD and you can come work in Canada! Sounds easy. But is immigration fraud worth the risk? A colleague recently shared with us about a case in which a foreign national in India was offered a work permit and a job offer in return for $6,000CAD. Not only did […]