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Biometrics Collection Requirements Change for Temporary and Permanent Residence Applicants

INCREASED SECURITY MEASURES COMING SOON! Changes to Biometrics Collection Requirement for Temporary and Permanent Resident Applications Every country debates how to balance the interests of its government and citizens against those of immigrants hoping to become part of a new nation. Increasingly, many nations are choosing to increase security, making the requirements for immigrants more […]

I want a job! How can I get a job in Canada?

We were prompted to write this blog by the many emails we receive from applicants looking for jobs or asking how to obtain a work permit. The first thing all applicants need to understand is that jobs in Canada are primarily for permanent residents and citizens of Canada.  Canadians first!  Foreign nationals are invited to […]

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How NOT to Have your Application Refused

At first, applying for something like a study permit seems simple. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website provides a guide and document checklist for study permits or any other application; one would assume these requirements would be all an applicant would have to satisfy. But as Now Toronto’s Reasonable Doubt column explains, many issues […]