foreign workers stats - with and without LMOs

Beware High Risk Employers of Temporary Foreign Workers

Employers Must Demonstrate that they’ve Tried to Recruit Talent Locally before Hiring Foreign Workers As CBC News reports, many employers are being fined or banned for inappropriate use of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker program. The main reason was failure to make sufficient efforts to find local workers first. Concerns resulting from this include local unemployment […]

preparing your Canadian CV

Preparing your Canadian CV

Writing Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) for the Canadian Market Just as every job is different, the approach to getting hired can differ from country to country. Here are some tips on how to make your CV (curriculum vitae) appeal to Canadian employers, or in support of your work permit application or even immigration. Canadian Resumes […]

digital security at canadian borders

Crossing Canada’s Border in the Digital Age

Getting Through Canadian Customs with Digital Devices Visiting Canada requires that applicants subject themselves to intense scrutiny, from birth certificates and criminal records to the contents of travelers’ suitcases. Nowadays, temporary residents, like those on work permits, study permits and visitor visas, need to be careful that their digital self is admissible too. According to […]