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Who can represent you?

Amidst the Canadian law firms and regulated Canadian immigration consultants who understand and can advise you on Canadian immigration matters, there are also endless travel agencies and foreign companies offering immigration services, including faceless, nameless websites offering their services in Canadian immigration without revealing who is going to prepare the application. Foreign lawyers can be […]

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program Reopens

Business Immigration to Canada – Quebec Reopens its Investor Program on September 10, 2019 On July 18th, 2018 Quebec Immigration announced the reopening of its business programs, all of them revamped. Changes to the most popular Quebec Investor Program boil down to increased net worth the applicant has to demonstrate: from $1.6 million to $2 million, […]

Can You Go to – or Stay In – Canada with a DUI?

Have a DUI and Want to Come to Canada? Bill C-46 Could Make that a Lot Harder Bill C-46 makes changes to the Criminal Code that will have repercussions for permanent residents, potential immigrants, and visitors to Canada with a DUI. What is Bill C-46? As the Parliament of Canada website explains, Bill C-46 makes […]

Semi-Secret Database Keeping Travellers out of Canada

U.S Hands Canada a Secondary No Fly List – an Anti-Terrorism Database called Tuscan (Tipoff US/Canada) A little known US database may be blocking travellers and potential immigrants from Canada. According to The Guardian, Tuscan (“Tipoff US/Canada”) is an anti-terrorism database that essentially functions as a secondary no-fly list for Canadians, despite being created by […]

Beware High Risk Employers of Temporary Foreign Workers

Employers Must Demonstrate that they’ve Tried to Recruit Talent Locally before Hiring Foreign Workers As CBC News reports, many employers are being fined or banned for inappropriate use of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker program. The main reason was failure to make sufficient efforts to find local workers first. Concerns resulting from this include local unemployment […]

Preparing your Canadian CV

Writing Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) for the Canadian Market Just as every job is different, the approach to getting hired can differ from country to country. Here are some tips on how to make your CV (curriculum vitae) appeal to Canadian employers, or in support of your work permit application or even immigration. Canadian Resumes […]

Crossing Canada’s Border in the Digital Age

Getting Through Canadian Customs with Digital Devices Visiting Canada requires that applicants subject themselves to intense scrutiny, from birth certificates and criminal records to the contents of travelers’ suitcases. Nowadays, temporary residents, like those on work permits, study permits and visitor visas, need to be careful that their digital self is admissible too. According to […]

Biometrics Collection Requirements Change for Temporary and Permanent Residence Applicants

INCREASED SECURITY MEASURES COMING SOON! Changes to Biometrics Collection Requirement for Temporary and Permanent Resident Applications Every country debates how to balance the interests of its government and citizens against those of immigrants hoping to become part of a new nation. Increasingly, many nations are choosing to increase security, making the requirements for immigrants more […]

I want a job! How can I get a job in Canada?

We were prompted to write this blog by the many emails we receive from applicants looking for jobs or asking how to obtain a work permit. The first thing all applicants need to understand is that jobs in Canada are primarily for permanent residents and citizens of Canada.  Canadians first!  Foreign nationals are invited to […]

How NOT to Have your Application Refused

At first, applying for something like a study permit seems simple. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website provides a guide and document checklist for study permits or any other application; one would assume these requirements would be all an applicant would have to satisfy. But as Now Toronto’s Reasonable Doubt column explains, many issues […]